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What makes Boat different?

How does Boat seperate itself from the crowd?

How is Boat different?

An easy way to erase data

Ease of use

Speed, in milliseconds

Boat allows you to easily erase your
user and server data, unlike other
bots where you have to go through
support channels and tickets to reach
the right person.

Boat, unlike other bots is very
easy to use with put out instructions
on our detailed documentation along
with a help desk and a community 
server where you can get help fast.

Boat can undergo many actions a
second without losing any real performance, Boat handles lots of data and we can still keep it at below
60ms ping with over 99.9% uptime.

Who uses Boat?

People who trust Boat and use it often to moderate, entertain and maintain there Discord server.

Boat is a great bot that can be used for anything you need, moderation, server setup, etc. The bot has helped me manage all the servers I use.

- Majorpain0600

Boat is an amazing utilitarian & moderation bot. It helps my staff team maintain a safe and secure environment for my community server.

- Techy

Boat allows for easy logging and server administration and moderation; it plays an important role in any discord community and is one of the most responsive bots out there.

- Blender

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