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Boat Safety and Privacy

Boat is a bot for moderationg and maintaining your Discord community
and we strive to do that to our bestest ability and whilst we do this we want
to keep everyone and their data safe.

We want all communities, big and small to be as safe as possible and have as
little rule breakers as possible whilst still having the owner maintain every
customizable aspect of the experience. That is our mission with Boat, safety
with extreme customization.

We are making this Safety and Privacy page so that everyone can know how
Boat deals with concerns and how we prioritize safety and data protection.

How we deal with safety 

We have got different steps to how we approach a safety concern, they go as follows

Is the user breaking Boat's rules?

If yes then this user will be immediately banned from the bot and our Discord server. Breaking Boat's rules is simply
not allowed. We have our set of rules to keep everyone and their data safe. We want to withhold our reputation of
safety and will not tolerate anyone trying to ruin that.

Has a user got access to data?

This has never happened to Boat. We keep our data incredibly secure and do not let anyone without the right mind
access to your data. Currently only one person has access to that data and it is me, CoalSurphos. No one else can
see it. However if somehow someone gets access to your server data we will let you know immediately and do all
we can do ammend our trust with you and your community. We will first of all ban the user who got access and then
make sure no data was taken or deleted. Once we have made sure that your data is still here we will give you and any
staff affected free lifetime Supporter along with a unique apology for the situation.

What data do we store?

This is our privacy policy.

Personal Data (Bot)

We store any data you put into Boat. This could mean the theme you use on your profile, your bio etc. This is all stored by us via our hosting provider Vultr. We do not look at this data it is simply read by Boat and returned in a certain command. You can delete this data at any time.

Preference Based Data (Bot)

We collect non-personal user and server data such as ID's, server preferences, selected settings, music logs and more. These are all to make your user experience better and we DO NOT give this data to anyone. The only user who can see this data is CoalSurphos (Me, the developer) and even I do not look at it.

Storage of Data

Your data is stored on a secure server hosted via Vultr in Canada. Once again it can only be accessed by CoalSurphos.Server data is stored from the point Boat joins your server to the point you delete it. We keep the data even if Boat is removed as to make it easier to setup if you ever chose to use Boat again. User data is similar and is only stored when a command that uses the data creates it, such as the "!user" command needing the user badge. To delete your data do !resetserverdata or !resetuserdata respective to your choice.

Personal Data (Website)

We use your cookies to determine your age range, gender and general location, All of this data is stored by Google and CoalSurphos is the only user that has access to this. This data is used to modify the experience for this specific age range. We do not share this with anyone outside of our developer team.

Preference Based Data (Website)

We track (and do not store) the type of browser you use, the theme you have on this browser and other preference related data points. Once again none of this data is stored by us and is all stored and secure by Google.